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Our Services


Free Confidential Services

All services are free and confidential.  Our staff is trained and cares about you!

Nurse Available for Questions & Answers

Call to schedule an appointment for our "NURSE is IN DAY"

Pregnancy Tests

Stop by our center or make an appointment for a pregnancy consultation and test. 

Prenatal & Parenting classes

Our Earn While You Learn classes allow you to earn for you and your baby!

Baby Items

You can pick up baby items including diapers, clothing, toys, crib vouchers, and other baby supplies in our office.

Sexual Health Information

Stop by or make an appointment to talk with our staff @ your sexual health questions.

Earn While You Learn

Prenatal Classes


Including topics on labor & delivery, infant care, pregnancy health & postpartum depression

Parenting Classes


Topics include play, milestones, nutrition, tantrums, discipline, illnesses & immunizations

Life Adjustment / Sexual Health


 Relationships, Finances,  Family Life, 

Marriage, Love and other topics

Ultrasound Services are HERE!!! Call to Schedule Your Appointment 218 285-7673